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Keep players safe

While most people enjoy gambling purely as entertainment, for some others uncontrolled play leads to detrimental consequences. With big data analytics, we aim to make gambling safer and better place for entertainment.


Comply with regulations

Lately, a clear trend of tightening regulation, when it comes to dealing with vulnerable players, is observed throughout the industry.

Regulators enforcement

The regulator of UK gambling market fined gambling operators millions of euros as a result of noncompliance with responsible gambling practices over just the last 2 years.


Compliance is required

The most respectful online gambling regulators (Gibraltar, Malta, IOM, Alderney) require protection of vulnerable players.


But it’s not only about being compliant

Online gambling is not different from other industries. With extreme acquisition costs, operators need their customers to stay longer. And that’s only possible when a safe environment with proper responsible gambling measures are in place.





Be Proactive

The Responsible Gambling concept is here for a while, but success is somewhat limited as it is mainly addressed when it's already a problem for an individual.

Traditional approach

The current measures focus on informing about potential harm. It’s assumed that a customer should be responsible for imposing limits on the playing activity or quitting. There is no doubt, making everybody aware of the potential gambling problem is an integral part of the process, but we believe that more can be done.


Proactive approach

The approach suggests that certain behavioral patterns can indicate problem gambling at early stage.
In such case, operator will be able to intervene with required measures to minimize harm and to adjust player’s perception to online gambling as a purely recreational activity.





Stay compliant

The transparent way to stay compliant with current and future responsible gambling requirements imposed by regulators.

Invest in your brand

Positive perception thanks to proactive responsible gambling analytics will be a major differentiating factor both for regulators and customers.

Make your environment better

Cut the number of complaints by frustrated gamblers and their family members, and lower the burden placed on your support representatives

And more…

We will be happy to provide your company with insightful customized reports.




While moving to the digital world provides many opportunities for analytics and a targeted approach to customers, in reality, dealing with excessive data is a complicated task.

We can help you better spot problem players

With our assistance, you’ll be able to quickly identify and react to deviations from the normal player experience.

Minimal integration

We only need anonymised user activity logs. The simplicity of our approach is in its noninvasiveness.







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